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Up close and personal ...


Holy buffalo man! I just returned from a brief vacation in Texas. Above is a shot I captured. Yes, that buffalo had it's head in our rental car! Seconds later, it had it's giant tongue about 2 inches from my head.

Did I encounter this on the road and thought, "why not open the window and see if he'll walk up? That would be fun!" No. It was at the "Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch."

Many of the animals there are happy to walk up to the car to get a small reward (bags of some treat the animals seem to like). One is supposed to drop them on the ground and enjoy the animals close up - but that's hard when the animal shoves it's HEAD in your car!


And this is a humorous sequence -- and no, I didn't change the zoom on the camera at all! I just pointed and kept clicking!





I've never seen a zebra this close before!


Some of the animals liked the game of "feed me" more than others:


Expensive (even with a coupon), but quite a memory, and some very fun shots.


Great photos, Aaron! I don't even like *dogs* getting that close to me.

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