GE Advantium Oven Review Revisited

Hundreds of searches every month are directed to my site looking for GE Advantium oven information. The search terms are simple: GE Advantium oven. I'm not sure why my site is so popular for that topic. I did have a post and review in 2004 about it here.

In any case, I'll do a bit of an update after you read the other page if you haven't already.

One question you might ask, now 3 years after buying one: would you buy one again?

Yes, I would buy one again or something similar if I needed to. I find it handy for a number of things and would sorely miss it if I didn't have it available.

It's the simple things that it can do: warm a large frozen muffin in the morning to a nice temperature that tastes like it just came out of the oven, without giving it that microwave taste (2:00-2:15, U=6, L=6, M=4, black metal tray).

I can make awesome garlic bread recipe in about 4 minutes:

  • Using 4 slices of French bread sliced from 1 – 1 ½" thick partially frozen to thawed, use a drizzle of olive oil on each (about a teaspoon), spread around the top (or use melted butter or margarine if you prefer, Olive oil though is likely the best for your health according to what I've read)
  • Sprinkle liberally with garlic powder and any other favorite toppings. We have a large tub of frozen Parmesan cheese from Sam's – I usually add a pinch of cheese to the top of each and spread around (or even from a green can is OK).
  • Optional: For extra yummy, use canned diced tomatoes (or fresh if you have them) and add to the top of each slice of bread before cooking.
  • Pop it in the Advantium (4:00, U=10, L=8, M=2). If the bread is thawed completely, you can usually lower the microwave setting to 1 or zero (and sometimes you'll want to reduce the time a little bit).
  • I often use a 'sub-sandwich' loaf of bread the same way with great results.
  • (Also, you can coat the bottom in olive oil the same as the top, and use the black metal tray with the grill ridges to get a subtle grill effect on the bread).

A good slice of garlic bread can even make a lame bowl of Spaghettio's better.

We still use it for frozen pizza all the time. I add a bit of extra cheese to the typical cheap frozen Tombstone pizza, and a bit of extra spices and let it go its course on the normal setting. I often use the black ridge grill tray with pizza to crisp the crust in a subtle but tastier way.

Mac and cheese can also be kicked up a notch:

  • Make a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (I usually leave out the butter/margarine and substitute light Velveeta for a cheesier 'cheese' – about ½" slice)
  • Optional – add ¼ cup of corn meal and stir well to give it a more 'gritty' cheese texture that couldn't be matched by starting with boxed mac and cheese.
  • Add the results of draining 6-8 ounces of yogurt and making yogurt cheese to the mac and cheese at the end. Stir in till it's well absorbed.
  • Add about ½ cup of shredded cheese (preferably cheddar of your choosing) and stir again till melted.
  • Divide into oven safe dishware. Top with more cheese on each.
  • Put it in the Advantium on the metal tray: 5:00-7:00, U=8, L=5, M=1. It's done when the cheese on the top has started to brown and melt completely (if you use a low fat cheese, this may never happen, so just watch it and decide when it looks decent).
  • Careful – the dishware will be HOT!
  • Sprinkle with fresh herbs or chives and serve (with the garlic bread would be very yummy).

Back to the GE Advantium review.

The thing still bugs us the most is that it's so loud!

It's great though at adding a quick 'browning' to things that would have required a long wait in the oven for the same effect (no preheating). I often finish off foods using the Advantium, melting toppings, etc. that I couldn't easily do with the microwave. I like the fact that I can heat the plate I'm serving on which makes the food seem more "restaurant-served", and keeps the food warmer a bit longer.

If the question is: Should I buy an Advantium oven?

That's tougher, as each person and family is different. Read my first impressions on the page referred above. I know there are two power levels for the oven – 120 and 240 volt. We have a 240 volt oven. It cooks things a lot faster than the lower powered one. I'd highly recommend getting the higher powered one if it's an option for you as part of the benefit of having a specialty oven like this is that it is designed to help you cook faster and easier. Check out the buying tips from GE here. If you have children, especially young children, this appliance needs to be respected more than a microwave. Not only can the food get hot, but the entire interior and plates can be scalding hot. Getting a pizza out of the oven after it's 10 minute cycle (for a frozen 12" pizza) is definitely a hot pad experience. The tray and interior are hot.

I hope this helps those of you stopping in for information about the GE Advantium oven.

One cook book that I'd highly recommend that isn't specifically an Advantium cookbook, but has more than a thousand great recipes (many of which can be cooked in the Advantium with some tweaks) is: The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook Revised Edition: Featuring More Than 1,200 Kitchen-tested Recipes, 1,500 Photographs And No-nonsense Equipment And Ingredient Ratings. I've definitely enjoyed it -- there's a lot to learn and many product ratings.


If you have recipes you'd like to share with others, see this.



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I have the 240 model and am looking for recipes or tips on cooking meats,and fresh vegetables. My wife and I LOVE our oven and I have become creative in cooking with it but have not seen many recipes out there.

What types of meats and veggies Terry? Lots of meats are listed specifically with the instructions that ship with the unit. I've found experimentation and a bit of risk taking is necessary ... :)

Hi all,

I've got a 1 1/2 year old Advantium 120 Oven that totally stopped working today. After some investigation I found out that this is a fairly common problem with the unit. If you haven't had troubles...count yourself lucky.

My unit is just out of warranty and is about as useful as a $1,000.00 paper weight. About the only thing that made me feel a bit better was reading all the horrible reviews the oven got on epinions. For some reason all we could both do is start laughing.

I felt better. But I'd still never buy the Advantium 120 again!

take care,

Where can I find a cookbook for the Advantium with all the specific times and settings? I just wanted to just bake a simple cake and cannot find a recipe with the settings.

Didn't your advantium come with a cookbook? Mine came with one. Did you check the GE website linked above for recipes?

My son remodled his home to accomadate me in my old age and installed an Advantium, but it has not been installed permanently yet but sits on a piece of old carpet on the counter. I have used it for about 4 months now, and liked it, however two days ago I noticed a burned spot on the carpet. On further inspection we also found a burned spot underneath the unit. Both spots burned all the way thru the carpet and left a "blemish" on the counter top as well. I am guessing it is the microwave leaking thru and that is scarry. My question is if it leaks so bad that it burns thru a carpet beneath, then what kind or radioactive waves are being produced that I can't see???

Van a Bramblett --

You should NEVER operate any piece of electrical equipment on CARPET unless the instructions say it's safe! The burn marks you see are very likely the HEAT generated by the lower cooking element. This device gets EXTREMELY hot as I mentioned in my post. You're very lucky it didn't start a fire. Over the course of several months, I'm not at all shocked it burned through. I'd bet it's leaking HEAT and has nothing to do with Microwaves -- as that's not really what a microwave would do anyway. Please stop using it as you have it. Put a HEAT safe pad of some sort underneath it. A piece of granite or marble countertop would disperse heat excellently.

The advantium 240 is great 5 years and no problems.. The 120 is a joke. Go all the way and get the 240 volt or don't get one at all We love our Advantium and if it became unrepairable we would buy a new one the same day. Ours is used every day morning,afternoon and evening.We can switch trays faster than anyone.

My first day with the Advantium, and I love it. I'm a single father and this is what I needed for awhile. It was very easy to cook burgers, chicken, french fries and tater tots on my first try. I have the 240 and it is very impressive. All I want is extra trays and accessories. Anyone know what other accessories are out there for it?

My Advantium quite today for the second time in 2 weeks (after a $75 repair the first time). I'll never buy another one. This one goes in the trash tomorrow.

I have had the 240 since 2000 and had no problem until last wk. Microwave went out one night and now the oven part is taking forever to cook. Have service call scheduled by GE since I can't get anyone else to service it. Has anyone else had this problem and how extensive are the repairs?

I have a 240 advantium, purchased 2002. We've had service 2x in the past year. A year ago it quit working and the smart board/thermistor was replaced. This week, the microwave part quit working. The oven was diagnosed with diode and magnatron needing to be replaced. I'd buy an advantium again but it seems prone to problems. Repairs run $160 to $200 each time.


I am remodeling my kitchen. Only 3 in the family and I hardly ever use my oven... more toaster oven, grill, microwave. Am considering getting Advantium 240 instead of regular wall oven. Can it accommodate items like a 15 lb turkey? Has anyone else had this oven only in their kitchen?

Kathy -- it make make a reasonable chicken -- but I don't think you'd want to do a turkey in it from scratch. Maybe a turkey breast or two would be decent ... I'll try to remember to check my recipes to see if there are any for a full sized turkey.

Wish I'd found this web site earlier. I bought a 120 Advantium and am still trying to get used to it, but it doesn't seem to cook things any faster than whatever way I did before. It still takes 1 1/2 min. to head a mug of water for coffee. I've been told that I could use a 9x13" pan and the tray would continue to rotate under it. The large pan supposedly just stays wedged on an angle. I'm going to try it soon. I don't see why it couldn't bake cakes on bake. I've used a convection oven before and this is supposed to be the same. Is it?

Lois --

For things that only use the Microwave, like heating a cup of water, it's no faster than a Microwave -- as the advantium only uses the microwave when heating water (that's why it wants you to use the white dish).

It's not really similar to a convection oven though. It has 3 heating methods - and no blower like a convection oven.

I don't have a 120 v oven, so I 'm not sure what you mean by "bake?" I have a manual cook option where I can specify the heating levels for the 3 heating/cooking methods. I've made cookies, and some muffins -- never a cake. Everything turned out fine -- although I think I like cookies better in the standard oven. I need to refine the heating times I think to make them taste better. It uses a bit too much microwave I think.

I've had the Advantium since 2000 and love it. I have the 240 and have had no problems. I cook meatloaf in 20 minutes and it's better than in the oven, plus the kitchen doesn't heat up. There is a lot of heat that comes out of the unit but it's for a shorter period of time. Chocolate chip cookies are my husband's favorite. You can do small batches of cookies when you want them in 5-7 min. Again, no heating the kitchen with the oven. I'll definitely have one in my next kitchen.

Have had Advantium 120 for 2 years & only problem has been light bulbs. My question - can I place a metal rack in the oven so that I can place a larger dish in when I use it as a convection oven or is it necessary for the container to sit on the tray and rotate.

You should be able to use a metal tray -- however, you probably won't want to use the Microwave feature. Of course, the lower heating may be reduced by not being in direct contact with the dish/food that you're cooking.

I've had things that I just rest on top of the tray and they don't rotate, without any problems.

I recently replaced my Monogram Convection oven with he Advantium 120. I am, so far, not happy with my choice. I used to use rectangular metal cookie sheets and rectangular pans to cook a variety of dishes and loved how they turned out. Now I am restricted to the small round style that fits on the metal turntable. I also dislike the fact that I can't place foil down on the metal rack when cooking or re-heating to prevent the food from sticking. I asked GE about this because, on page 22 of the manual, where they discuss Warming and Reheating, it says under "Tips for Moist Foods: Cover food with lid or aluminum foil. When I wrote to GE to ask about this they told me to NEVER use aluminum foil. I am getting mixed information. I read the above comment about resting trays on the top so they don't rotate but I don't think that's what GE had in mind. AND before I close, can any one suggest how to get sauce splashes, or any splashes, off the walls. I used to scrub my convection oven but you can't do that with the aluminum sides in this oven. I would't mind the mess if I could just scrub the stains out but they don't budge. Any tips would be appreciated.

You stated that your Advantium 120 "stopped working" and that it is a common problem. Mine stopped working too. Can you tell me what the problem is? Thanks!

We have had the 240V Advantium oven since April/May 2000 (unit mfg December 1999) and it is great overall. Loud but always accurate cooking. The one issue we have had is three failures of the door interlock switch which is a $60.00 service call about every 2 years (less than a service agmt). Silicone "pot holders" are a must to avoid burning hands and counters with hot pans.

I have had my Advantium 240V for 1 year. After 4 1/2 months it shut down with a F3 error. Parts could not be found so a month later it was replaced with a new one. (Yes, I went one month without a microwave and with multiple calls to GE) The current one just went down with a F3 error after it was used 7 months. I am reliving the nightmare of trying to get it repaired. The service is terrible and I wish I hadn't wasted the money on this oven. I am accustomed to my home cooking and I don't get the quality nor the flavor with the Advantium. I wish I had my money back.

How exactly does the Advantium heat food? What does it do to the food? Is it safe to eat food cooked with it on a regular basis?

My Advantium is 5 yrs old and I have not had any problems. We are building a new home and the first appliance to go in will be an Advantium. As for the "non-stick" trays, I spray them with a cooking spray and have no problem. I love it and use it most days. We will put in a wall oven but really, I mostly use the Advantium.

We have had our 240v unit for 5 yrs. We love it..
As far as the question of is the food safe to eat? I would not be any more concerned about any food cooked with the Advantium any more than worring about cooking food with a microwave. The additional feature the Advantium has is the "halagen Heat Lamp" heating elements. That in my opinion would not make food not safe to eat.

What are the advantages of an Advantium oven over a convection?

I am remodeling and plan to buy a 120 because a 240 would be too difficult to wire in. The comments don't look too good for the 120. I don't mind that it may take a little longer, but can I get more input on whether or not I should buy one?

Yikes! I was sold on the salesman info for the Advantium for my new kitche remodel but after reading the reviews I'm having second thoughts. I too like the taste and looks of a regular oven but is there a small wall unit out there like the Adventium?

I've been trying to track down some recipes for my new Advantium 120, and was very disappointed to see that there have been no new additions to the GE Advantium Recipe site since December 2006! I wonder why? Anyone have any leads on an active recipe site?

We've owned a 240v Advantium since 2000 and I love its existence! It came with a laminated "cheat sheet" with settings, etc. that make converting regular recipes easy. Roast chicken is delightful..turkey breast is moist & flavorful. Making brownies is a cinch. I came to this site looking for more recipes & will try the GE web site, which is where you can order additional trays (which I've also found to stick if PAM spray isn't used). Any questions?

So, it looks like people that have had it for 5 years or more love it, and people who have bought it recently have had nothing but problems. Could it be that there has been a quality problem with the later model Advantiums? Especially, the 120V variety?

One more comment: I see that they have a new 1.6 cubic feet model with a 16" turntable. It only comes in the 120V model. Anyone experienced with this? Thanks!

I have had my Advavtium Oven for 8 years, installed it abegan to use it 5 years ago. There is not a day that goes by that my family does not use it. Never have had any problems with it at all. I personaly installed it, ad should have installed the exaust outdoors so the heat comes indoors, will do this when I get around to it. I hae the 240 volt model and we dont even clean it very often. Its a great product and I am so very happy I bought it. Thank you GE!


is it possible to vent the advantium 240 through ducts? we will be installing our advantium soon and i would prefer to tie its exhaust into the existing hood ductwork if possible. i did not think this was an option though....

Consider posting comments/questions here from now on:

I have advantium 120. What can I use to clean the interior?

Thanks for the site and opportunity to get real-life reviews of the Advantium. Does anyone know of a similiar site for the GE Trivection oven? Thanks

I came to this post thinking I would find recipes; there were a few.
But, I will comment on some of the questions. I have a 120 model, yes it burns out the small halogen light. There was a retrofit to keep bulb from getting to hot. Call GE and demand the bulb holder retrofit. The original was fauly design. No other problems for me.

I am going on 2 years and this is a must have for small families. It is most effiecient in small batches. Four potatoes take 50% longer then two potatoes, in an oven it would be the same. There is no warm up time in speedcook mode! How long does it take to warm up you oven to 400 and what does that cost you?

An oven, light, and microwave all cook with different frequencies of radiation. An oven just relies on more thermal conductivity. Speed cooking spectrum is somewhere in the middle, hence it also creates more interior heat in the process compared to a microwave.

This is a great appliance for empty nesters or small families.

I forgot to state in my last entry that the frequency spectrum for the different type of cooking also has different penetration abilities. The microwave will penetrate the most so actually will cook to the core of the food being cook. It is not really from the inside out as many people state, it just doesn't have to rely on the thermal conduction of the other cooking methods.
The Advantium 220v can cook with both light waves and microwaves at the same time, that is why it needs more power, and cooks faster. The outside of the foods will be crisp and the insides warm in a short period of time. My 120v can not do that. It would be nice, but is not a show stopper for me.
I liked the Over the Range option, which used to only come in 120. I hear you can now get a OTR in 220. Way cool!

I forgot to state in my last entry that the frequency spectrum for the different type of cooking also has different penetration abilities. The microwave will penetrate the most so actually will cook to the core of the food being cook. It is not really from the inside out as many people state, it just doesn't have to rely on the thermal conduction of the other cooking methods.
The Advantium 220v can cook with both light waves and microwaves at the same time, that is why it needs more power, and cooks faster. The outside of the foods will be crisp and the insides warm in a short period of time. My 120v can not do that. It would be nice, but is not a show stopper for me.
I liked the Over the Range option, which used to only come in 120. I hear you can now get a OTR in 220. Way cool!

We have an advantium 240. Have had it for about 3 years and it works great. You can bake a potato in 5 minutes and it is like it was cooked in a regular oven. It is not self cleaning but the clean up is pretty easy with the stainless steel interior and doesn't need cleaning too often. The "noise" from the unit is not an issue and really is no louder than a microwave and since it cooks so fast its no big deal to us. We would buy another one.

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