Things that made me laugh today

#1) Our cat, on our screened back porch, (who by the way, has only been allowed on the screen porch a few times) … apparently, things on the inside are better than being on the outside. She often sits on a desk that is on the inside of the window, longingly looking out the window. Apparently, she’d like to know what it looks like from the other side.


#2) Best Break up Letter, Ever?

#3) Highlight what’s bad

And a whole different type of humor:

#4) Stargate, built in backyard

Electronical Products . . . !? Awesome!

From a message that wasn’t marked as spam in my inbox:


“They can offer you all kinds of electronical products which you need like laptops, gps, TV LCD, cell phones, ps3, MP3/4, motorcycles, etc….”

I’m as a big of a fan of electronical products as the next guy, but I’m really excited about the electronical motorcycle! I’m in a good mood in shopping right now, so I should be set!

(Yes, I’m aware of the fact that there are electric motorcycles – I’m just skeptical they did and that they meant to specifically mention it).