Free Jeffrey A Carver Science Fiction E-books

Jeffrey Carver has provided a number of his science fiction books for free on his web site here. I’ve just completed reading the free Chaos Chronicles series (books 1-4) and enjoyed them quite a lot. Each book isn’t very long, so it’s easy enough to get through the series without drowning in sci-fi tech details.

My only “new year’s resolution” this year was recorded on Twitter thusly:


So, I just threw some money in Jeffrey’s tip-jar as a thank-you for the e-books. I’m sure it was more $ than he would have gotten directly from me if I had purchased the physical books from a reseller like Amazon.

Amazon has the fourth book in paperback at $7.99: Sunborn (Chaos Chronicles)

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  1. Nebula Award finalist Jeffrey A. Carver talked with me about the very cool reason he’s giving away free ebooks. You can read the interview on

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