Finally, someone admits that Silverlight and WPF will (likely) converge

However, will Silverlight and WPF merge?

From Pete Brown:

The Future of Client App Dev : WPF and Silverlight Convergence

As a Microsoft employee (Developer Community Program Manager for Windows Client), he said:

What the Future Holds – Convergence of WPF and Silverlight


I recently spoke with Ian Ellison-Taylor at Microsoft. Ian is a General Manager at Microsoft, reporting directly to Scott Guthrie. Among other things, his group handles both Silverlight and WPF (and RIA services and a lot of other stuff). I figured if I wanted the skinny on the future, he’d be the guy to talk to. So, he and I talked about the convergence of Silverlight and WPF, and later exchanged some email on the topic.


In the future, it is very likely that both Silverlight and WPF will be a single technology with a single codebase. After all, Silverlight was originally known as WPF/E (E as in Everywhere), and in an amazing 180 degree reversal of our usual approach, we took an ugly codename and created a great product name (Silverlight) from it.

D’uh. Like it wasn’t obvious, especially with the explosive growth and capabilities of Silverlight, why wouldn’t this be on the road map?

Of course, there’s no time frame mentioned, so don’t plan on your Silverlight application being able to use real 3D and actual DataTriggers any time soon.