5 Great Online Color Palette selection and design tools

Can’t find the color that matches your favorite cyan? Use one of these web based color palette selection tools to help you find the perfect match!  My current favorites are the first two, Color Scheme Designer and Kuler.

Color Scheme Designer

Easy to use and has a simulation of what some people may see who have various color vision deficiencies.




A slick Adobe Flash based color selection and sharing site.



Although not as easy to use right away, a very powerful color selection tool with many different features.


Color Wizard

Although the actual selection of color isn’t as much fun as some of the other online options, the Color Wizard has lots of onscreen colors at one time for easy identification of options without a lot of fuss. (The worst part is that the page is heavily loaded with advertisements).



Sessions Color Wheel Color Calculator

The link to this is actually mid-way down the middle of the page. This is a another nice interactive color selection tool. I would have prefered that they hadn’t picked an orange/gold color as the base color for their selection application.


And a bonus,

SitePro Central’s Colour Scheme Chooser

Simple and efficient.



    1. I’ve tried that one in the past (and liked it!), but with the free ones that are available these days, I’m seeing no reason to buy.

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