Silverlight’s ItemsPanelTemplate, Horizontal Only?

Have you tried to create a horizontally oriented ListBox in Silverlight with a custom ItemsPaneltemplate, with a Panel of type other than StackPanel? If you have, you’ll likely have run into the same problem I have – you can’t really do it. Unfortunately, the ItemsControl (which the ListBox derives from), eventually checks the Panel type of the ItemsPanel (the ItemsHost), and it only reacts properly to a Vertical orientation if the Panel type is a StackPanel.

internal bool IsVerticalOrientation()
    StackPanel itemsHost = base.ItemsHost as StackPanel;
    if (itemsHost != null)
        return (itemsHost.Orientation == Orientation.Vertical);
    return true;

You might try deriving from StackPanel, but unfortunately, ArrangeOverride and MeasureOverride are both sealed methods on the StackPanel. So, you can’t. This behavior certainly limits what you can do with a ListBox layout.

What happens if you try something vertically oriented without a StackPanel host? The behavior is that the ListBox won’t properly scroll and activate the current ListBoxItem. Calling ScrollIntoView has no impact (as the math doesn’t work correctly when the IsVerticalOrientation isn’t properly handled).

Yet another feature of WPF that you’ll need to ignore for the time being. :)