Gulp – a WPF-based text editor for Visual Studio 10?

According to this, the next version of Visual Studio (v2008 + 1), will have an editor written using WPF.

VS10: new WPF-based text editor w/ fine-grained extensibility, Microsoft Extensibility Framework (MEF, a.k.a. COM for managed code), new features support multiple languages

A very common scenario where I work is to use Remote Desktop for code editing, so if the code editor and shell is WPF — I’m very worried about the desktop remoting scenarios.

What’s your thoughts? Do you want your development tool to be the real first “giant” application produced by Microsoft using WPF? It certainly makes sense for many areas (like visualizations) – but ….


  1. WPF was designed with Remote Desktop in mind. If I understand correctly, it is capable of remoting only the visual tree and taking advantage of the client’s CPU/GPU.

    I would also note that the only other “real” or “giant” WPF application from Microsoft is Blend, essentially a dev tool.

  2. My understanding is that although WPF was designed with it in mind, very little of what was intended actually shipped. They don’t do the remoting as they had originally intended at all.

    Blend is sluggish on my machines — so I hope that doesn’t represent future VS performance.

  3. Keep in mind that there will likely be many other things done under the covers. So, perhaps a WPF UI will not be so bad. Yes, just replacing the current UI with a WPF UI would be an issue as there are many performance problems with large solutions. But, if the underlying architecture was changed to optimize performance then a WPF based UI would give you more benefits than drawbacks.

  4. Aaron,

    You are spot on with your doubts about the next version of VS. Blend SUCKS for me on a remote desktop session, even if I select the LAN option (10Mbps). I wonder if VS10 will be any better, we can just hope…

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