Adobe PDF files, not printable anymore?

Just announced ….

Acrobat 9 includes support for embedded Flash (SWF) content. The Flash content, as suggested by the AEC Product Manager here, could be video, audio, presentations, etc. It’s interesting to me that a file format that (maybe incorrectly on my part) always suggested, “WYSIWYG” no matter where you view it (screen to printer) may no longer offer this assurance; this is a reasonably large change.

From a non-purist standpoint, it’s a brilliant move to further the inroads Adobe is making on the desktop. From eliminating or reducing HTML in many web applications (Flash and Flex), to creating installable applications (Adobe AIR), now to truly rich interactive documents available on a wide variety of platforms.

I wonder if the other PDF Reader vendors (such as FoxIt Reader) will be able to compete? Although the PDF specification is open … it may be difficult to embed the Flash viewer (the license may explicitly forbid it), but from a technical perspective, it may be challenging.

What do you think about this? I can’t even recall if the XPS format and associated viewer in WPF could do something like this (anyone know?). What do you expect Microsoft’s reaction to this will be?


  1. Hi Aaron, XPS doesn’t support something similar since XPS is designed to be *just* what you need for electronic paper. Supporting stuff that’s beyond what you can print to, or scan from, physical paper is beyond the scenarios that XPS addresses.


  2. Thaink aiddy for the confirmation. I didn’t think it supported multimedia.

    I wonder if it should to compete?

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