Screen resolutions

Widescreen apparently isn’t yet as popular as the press would have you believe (it’s essentially impossible to buy a laptop in a 4:3 ratio these days). The reality is that many of us bought that cool 17-19” LCD monitor a few years back …, and we’re still using it. (I’d imagine it is a common resolution in the enterprise still as well).

This is from one day of stats for my web site:


But – what’s this 3840×1024? Weird browser reporting?


  1. Currently I run a VM at work that supports multi monitor, but in reality just stretches the desktop across both screens and maximizes the window. I’m guessing that’s what you are seeing (my monitors aren’t identical either, so I’m probable a weird screen size too)

    1. I really like VMware Workstation 7+, as it intelligently supports multi-monitors. (The VM is aware of the configuration and isn’t just artificially stretched).

    1. Robert — it doesn’t seem to be that. My total screen resolution isn’t listed. It’s only the resolution for the “current” screen.

      There is no meaningful resolution for multiple monitors other than a total number of pixels. Unless you have identical resolutions and exact alignment — you might end up with dimensions that far exceed your monitors capabilities. (I have a 1920×1280 + 1280×1024 monitor). One sits lower than the other due to the stands. Further, I can’t draw a bounding rectangle and compute a total screen resolution (especially since my primary monitor has more pixels in height than my secondary monitor).

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