Photography Book Recommendation – Understanding Exposure

imageI just finished reading a great book on exposure (as it relates to photography).  It’s called Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera (Updated Edition). It’s gotten great reviews on Amazon and elsewhere. It covers some of the basics of how cameras work (f-stops, apertures, ISO’s), but dives quickly in to topics such as shutter speed, freezing motion, frontlight, the sky brothers, night and low-light photography, aperture and macro photography and more. It’s about 160 pages long and full color. Although it’s not 100% digital-friendly (there are a few techniques that only work on film cameras), it’s a great book with lots of “correct” shots side-by-side with a “creative” shot of the same scene. Bryan Peterson, the author, explains how there’s at least 6 correct exposures with every photograph you might take, but they aren’t all necessarily “creative” shots.

The book is intended for a SLR/DSLR audience, but many of the techniques apply to modern digital cameras as well. It’s about $17 US right now at Amazon.

This is definitely one of the best “how-to” photography books I’ve purchased at this price.

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