Oh Microsoft, How you Mesh with My Head.

imageMicrosoft, I’m confused. You release Windows Live Essentials and say that the new Live Sync is the Old Live Mesh, and that the Mesh as I know it, is going away. To add to the insult, the storage is dropping from 5GB to 2GB I’m told. It’s annoying, but I switch. I even switched early as a beta tester and had to suffer greatly through “cannot connect” and “please reboot or reinstall” errors.

Now, you’ve sent me a notice that Windows Live Mesh 2011 is available?

I’m confused. I must not be alone in this.

Windows Live Sync which replaced the Beta of Windows Live Mesh apparently has been renamed to a less consumer friendly name, but regained the features of the old Mesh beta product. 


XP isn’t supported any more. I wish Windows Home Server was officially supported. It would make for a great place to sync files and a easier way to gain access to the full WHS desktop from anywhere.

By the way, during this confusing period, I switched to DropBox anyway. Sigh.