Seriously Awesome Best Battery Charger (for AA & AA batteries)

I’ve never been excited about a battery charger before. Seriously, what’s to get excited about?


I purchased the La Crosse Technology BC-700 battery charger recently – and really love it. I’ve bought a few battery chargers over the years with a few features, but I always have been disappointed when batteries fail to charge fully. In the past, I’ve resorted to recycling them.

No more! This thing has brought back batteries that would only take a partial charge in other chargers! Awesome! I had a few recently purchased Sanyo Eneloop batteries that would not fully charge (80% charge). Worse, and to add to the insult, the new mini Apple battery charger refused to charge them!

After using the charger’s Discharge/Refresh cycle on the batteries, the batteries not only take a full charge now, but they also work in the Apple battery charger as well!Slick! It took a few days for the batteries to complete the cycle, but it was definitely worth the wait. I restored some seriously old rechargeable batteries that wouldn’t take a charge that was more than 20-30% of the full charge anymore. They now too take a full charge (I had to run one battery through two long discharge/refresh cycles).

Also nice about this charger is that each battery can be separately charged / refreshed using different settings. No worries about always finding a second battery to charge.

Apparently, there are some geek settings as part of the device, but I’m not a battery nut. I just want it to work, so I haven’t really paid much attention. You can get a lot more geekery by reading through the comments at Amazon. Based on my initial search, I discovered that there were some issues surrounding overheating of a few different battery charger models from more than one manufacturer. So, I put the battery charger on a cheap IKEA plate I recently purchased to prevent any damage that might occur if the charger exceeded expected operating temperatures. I’ve not noticed that the charger has been any warmer than room temperature, even after one of the long recharge cycles. I’ve only used the lower voltage charging option though, as I wasn’t in a rush.

You have to press a few buttons to get a non-default charge operation going – but it’s really easy to do.

Stupidly highly recommended. It’s around $26 US at Amazon right now. If you use more than a few AA (or AAA) rechargeable batteries, you need this. I don’t know why I didn’t buy it years ago when it first came out.

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  1. thanks for that, I’ve had trouble with my batteries and charger recently (particularly for the camera) and was wondering what the problem might be.

    Love the look of the display, being able to see the charge is great.

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