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So that I don’t forget how to tweak PostBox again, I’m posting a few custom configuration settings not available in Tools/Options directly that I find useful.

If you don’t want to see the somewhat annoying status and progress dialog in Postbox (or Mozilla Thunderbird) anymore, there’s a change you can make to hide the status window (dialog) entirely.

Sending Messages, Status, Progress


Open the Advanced Configuration Config Editor option found in Tools/Options/Advanced/General:

config editor

When you open the Configuration Editor, you’ll be shown a warning by default:

this might void your warranty

As it suggests, be careful when you make these low level settings changes. Preferences that have changed from the default are shown in bold (preferences could have been changed by a variety of mechanisms, so don’t panic when you see lots of non-default preferences).

Here’s how to hide the Sending Messages status window and instead show the status at the bottom of the message being sent (in the status bar). Using the configuration editor, change mailnews.show_send_progress to false. To quickly find the setting, type “show_send_p” in the filter:


Then, double-click on the row to toggle the Value from the default true to false.

If you want Postbox’s (or Thunderbird’s) delete message behavior to more closely match Microsoft Outlook’s, you may want to make this other change. Using the same technique as above to make a custom configuration edit, set the following preference to false.


When this is set, pressing the Delete key will not move to the next message (down) in the list. It will stay in place.

If you don’t use PostBox, give it a shot here and save 25% off the price!

I bought a family license + lifetime upgrades (back when they had the family-pack option). I’m still happy with the purchase.


  1. Hi there,

    Have you already seen Inbox2?, its a totally new email client which tries to do things differently. Still in beta but we hope quite useful already.

    And guess what its built in WPF and actually contains some sample code found on this very blog :-)

    Take care,


    1. I had seen inbox2 (and I’ve got it installed) — but having just purchased PostBox, I’m not too compelled to switch to something else. I just started it up as a reminder — and it has hung on the splash screen for more than a minute. :(

    2. I sent you an e-mail directly about some of the performance issues I’m having with inbox2. It’s hitting the CPU too hard right now.

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