Need to criticize …? Think first.

Even with avatars and accounts, and …, many web-visitors feel empowered to be critical. Is it the lack of face to face?  The need to feel like a contributor, even if it’s negative?

Why is there a completely irrational need to analyze someone else’s web page innards, rather than the outside? I know, we’re often taught to look for inner beauty in other people – but in the case of web sites, the opposite is true. Seriously – does the fact that a new web site uses a table layout somehow truly impact the usefulness of the web site (even a table layout can be made accessible).

Read “Hey, lose the pedantic negativity.” from Vitamin.

Indecent Squirrels!

This one is an old one (from an “April Fools Day” a few years ago), but for some reason, it made me actually laugh out loud (shocked at the stupidity I suppose)!


You can order a pair here:


Go there, watch the video. Buy a few pairs for squirrels near you (and this product actually was made and is available for sale!)


(If you haven’t bought something from Archie McPhee before for your desk or home office … you need to!).