Kenu Airframe Portable Car Mount

Ever travel and want to use your mobile phone as a navigation device safely and securely? Our cars have built in navigation systems that we rely on normally, but when we rent a car, that’s rarely an option.

Have you tried a bunch of tricks and found that there generally speaking isn’t a good place to put your phone in many vehicles that is safe and effective? I’ve personally resorted to a cup holder on more than one occasion unfortunately.

Enter the Kenu Airframe Portable Car Mount!


imageI used it all last week while traveling for business and it was extremely useful. Using a rubber-like pincher-like back, it grips onto the vents in most cars. Unlike some vent mounts, it’s just using a friction grip and isn’t the type where it’s physically snapping on to the vent.

It takes only a few seconds to install and remove from a vent.

The front portion expands horizontally to allow a variety of sizes of devices to be held. For the first time on a trip, my phone was held perfectly in place and was easily viewable without taking my eyes off the road any more often that you might with a normal dash or window mounted GPS. It held in place and at no point slid off the dash or tumbled into the seat or onto the floor like often has happened with my previous solutions to this problem.

It shouldn’t block power/cables in most modern mobile phones, so I had my phone charging while in the mount.


Available on Amazon for around $25 USD.


(I also used SyncStop on the trip to prevent the car’s USB plug from doing the nasty with my phone; SyncStop was formerly called the USB Condom… :-) ).