SnugUp is no more.

After 8 years of development, I've decided to halt all development of SnugUp.

I absolutely thank all of the users over the years who have sent their appreciation both as gift cards and kind words. Many of you were AWESOME!

Unfortunately, the stress of maintaining and supporting a much larger audience of people who make requests and don't even say thank you or bother responding when I spend my free time to help them isn't worth it to me anymore.

SmugMug has been challenging to work with over the years and recently they've been more helpful as I tried to adjust to their new 2.0 APIs (but, still, I was forced to make changes that I couldn't easily adapt the application to). They're friendly people. It's just their APIs didn't meet my needs or the needs of many users of SnugUp. However, after spending more than 30 hours trying to adapt to their new APIs in August 2015, I can't justify spending more time trying to complete the task. I needed to rewrite the entire core of the application and retest it. After spending 30 hours, I could tell that I was at least 80 hours from being able to safely release a version I felt comfortable labeling as a beta. And testing SmugMug in all the crazy ways necessary simply isn't enjoyable for me. It's mind-numbing and has made a mess out of my SmugMug account over the years. My day job is working on big enterprise grade systems with thousands of developers, building infrastructure, frameworks, etc. So, it's frustrating to me when I encounter a system like SmugMug's where there are many artificial non-customer friendly decisions that have been made.

I'm sure they made the decisions for good reasons. I completley understand. But, to me, as a tiny hobby-developer at home, these decisions have impacted me greatly. (Like, why are albums limited to only 5000 images? Many professionals take that many shots in a day! Why only 7 levels deep folders? Why can't folders contain images directly?). Converting to a new API just isn't rewarding, especially when it didn't fit the needs of their paying customers.

But, more importantly, I've never thought SmugMug had any love for 3rd party apps and I'm not sure why that is. I do know that I would have prioritized API access as paying customers would have likely had a lot better access to tools that would have made them even happier customers. I'm not a SmugMug employee though and can't say why they've not been more encouraging and transparent.

Until recently, it's been a fun ride and I learned a number of interesting lessons over the years. Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. SnugUp isn't available for download anymore.

- Aaron