I don’t get it.

Maybe it will become clear as the series progresses, but the idea of a powershell cmdlets, etc. powering a WPF front end doesn’t make sense to me.

I thought the whole idea idea of Powershell was that it was a shell plaform — an advanced command prompt?

Instinctively, I think — no GUI. Mixing WPF and Powershell together feels somehow wrong, like using a mud topping on a bowl of ice cream.

Nonetheless, here’s the start of the series. The first post suggests it will be a “7 day” series.

WPF & PowerShell – Part 1 ( Hello World & Welcome to the Week of WPF )

WPF & PowerShell – Part 2 (Exploring WPF (and the rest of .NET) with Scripts)

WPF & PowerShell — Part 3 (Handling Events)

Do you use the Powershell? I’ve tried it — and never gotten far as it’s just not solving a problems I encounter regularly.

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